Certified Master Chef Daryl Shular Commands The Kitchen

There are only 68 living Certified Master Chef’s in the world.  Chef Daryl Shular is the first minority Chef to be given this honor. Master Chef Shular talks about how his experience is as a Master Chef as he commands the kitchen with his sous chefs.


KISS Magazine “The Art of Fashion” 

Park Hill Multimedia filmed the release of the 6th issue of KISS Magazine.


KISS Magazine celebrated its 2015 magazine release affair in Atlanta, Georgia. The affair was held at Celebrity photographers Dewayne Rogers studio “Studio 2b” located in Midtown Atlanta.

The LookBook – KISS Magazine and Hawke and Dumar

KISS Magazine teamed up with national clothing brand Hawke and Dumar in Atlanta, Georgia. The event featured some of the hottest DJ’s in the industry today.

Styling: Keaira Monique

Check out: hawkedumar.com

KISS Magazine X Iridium X Ragtrade

KISS Magazine teamed up with Iridium clothing for the launch of their Fall 2016 collection.  This special event kicked off Ragtrade 2016.