Lobster and Braised Beef

creative direction  Park Hill Multimedia

production Park Hill Multimedia

Master Chef Shular

creative direction Park Hill Multimedia

production Park Hill Multimedia

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Vulcan Best In Class Series – Chef Jason Stern 

Food and Wine Solutions hired PHM to storyboard and film a special docu-series for Vulcan Kitchen Equipment. The docu-series captured the true passion of 3 notable Chefs in the industry. 

Duck Donuts 

Park Hill Multimedia was hired to create quick social media commercials for the fast-growing donut chain Duck Donuts.  

The Art of Plating 

Park Hill Multimedia used a unique filming style for the beautifully plated scallop dish. 

Done by Certified Master Chef Shular for The Shular Institute. 

Chef Christan Willis – What It Means To Be A Chef

Rising Chef Christan Willis prepares a beautifully plated dish. PHM captures her step by step as well as her interview explaining why she is so passionate about being a Chef. 

United Way and HEFG team up with The Shular Institute 

HEFG launched a pilot program along with the United Way. 

PHM was used to create a docu-short of this partnership. The Shular Institute was brought in as an educational partner.

FarmED Kitchen + Bar

FarmED Kitchen + Bar a restaurant concept created by Master Chef Shular. PHM was hired to create the first visuals of the new restaurant.

Brightwater College – The Start of Something New

Located in the Northwest corner of Arkansas is a state of the art culinary college called Brightwater.

Backed by the Walton Foundation this college is the heartbeat of Rogers, Arkansas. PHM filmed a series of videos for their brand campaign “The Start of Something New”

Lobster and Braised Beef – Master Chef Shular 

PHM continues its work with Certified Master Chef Shular and his new institute The Shular Institute.

Vulcan “Best in Class” – Executive Chef Stuart Rogers

PHM is proud of the work and short docu-series that was created for Vulcan Kitchen Equipment.  We dove into the heart and lifestyle of 3 of the industries best Chef’s.